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Dr. Nikos Nikoloudis

May 15, 2022 Online Lecture:

""Greece, Turkey, and The Great Powers. National and International Aspirations, 1818–1922 "

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Prof. Aristides Hatzis

March 13, 2022 Online Lecture:

“The Geopolitical Plan of Alexandros Mavrokordatos and the Greek independence (1820-1832)”

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Dr. Evaggelos Vallianatos

February 20, 2022 Online Lecture:

"Political Influence Shaping the US Environmental Protection Agency ”

Lecture Video


Prof. Dimitris Kairidis

January 16, 2022 Online Lecture:

"How Much Greece and Cyprus Can Count on the EU, U.S., and their Regional Allies in Countering Turkish Agression?”

Lecture Video

Dr. Christos Giannakopoulos

November 14, 2021 Online Lecture:

"Climate Change, Extreme Events and Impacts for Greece in the Near and Distant Future ”

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Dr. Ann Flesor Beck

October 24, 2021 Online Lecture:

""Sweet Greeks, First-Generation Immigrant Confectioners in the Heartland."

Lecture Video

Professor Elizabeth Kosmetatou

May 16, 2021 Online Lecture:

"The Hellenistic Dynasty of the Attalids of Pergamon on the Sacred Island of Delos”


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Dr. Nikos Nikoloudis

April 18, 2021 Online Lecture:

"The Rediscovery of the Hellenic Idea in the late Byzantine Empire and Early Modern Europe"

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Professor Maureen Connors-Santelli

March 14, 2021 Online Lecture:

"Begun in Greece and Culminated in our American Civil War: Abolitionism and the Greek Revolution"

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Ambassador Ekaterina Dimakis

February 21, 2021 Online Lecture:

"200 years of Modern Greek State: Challenges and Perspectives"

Consul General of Greece in Chicago.

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Remembering Sappho

January 17, 2021

An Online Lecture by professor Patricia Graham-Skoul

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Dr. Miranda Xafa

November 15, 2020 Online Lecture:

"Greece: Recovering from Two Debt Crises and a Pandemic"

This lecture was supported by the Hellenic Foundation, Chicago.

Lecture Video

Professor Alexander Kitroeff

October 18, 2020 Online Lecture:

"The Contributions of Greeks of Egypt to Homeland & Adopted Country"

This lecture was supported by the Hellenic Foundation, Chicago.

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