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The Blight of Asia By G. Horton

The long out of print book, "THE BLIGHT OF ASIA", was published in 1926 in the USA and written by the American General Consul in Smyrna in 1922, who was an eye witness of all the perils of that city and of its Christian inhabitants. This testimony comes from a high-ranking American diplomat, who served in this capacity in that part of the world for about 30 years, and was therefore a knowledgeable and impartial source. You can now read it online or download it, thanks to S. Georgiadis, a Rear Admiral of the Hellenic Navy (Ret).

The Blight of Asia - book cover

Greece: Secrets of the Past - The scheduled shows at the Museum of Science and Industry have been completed. Information about the show can be found on the above link and you can download the Teacher's Guide in pdf format.

Museum of Science and Industry - Greek program

Was Columbus Greek?


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